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Bushfire Readiness Kit Contents

Comparison Table - BRK and Other Kits

There are so many fantastic products in each Bushfire Readiness Kit, that it can be hard to chose which one to order. 

Above is a handy table, that not only compares the kit contents of our main six fire kits and safety equipment in each of our different emergency kits, but also shows you 3 other Bushfire Readiness Kits currently on the market, their comparably low number of items and high retail prices.

Which Kit is Best for your Household?

Now all you have to do is choose one of our Kits, head to our shop and place your order.

Can’t see a kit that best suits your family, don’t worry we’ve got you sorted with two more options;

1. Kit Add-Ons - Buy the Kit that is closest to your needs, then select additional items to personalise it to your needs.


2. Build Your Own Kit - you can now build your own kit from scratch from the type of bag to the exact products you want and the number of each.