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Our Emergency, Survival, Fire Kits are an essential part of your preparation plans.

Ditch the hassle, time and cost of going to a dozen different stores and snap up your quality, affordable Bushfire Readiness Kit in our online store today!

Or Build-Your-Own-Kit - don't double up on items you already have or don't need, create a kit that suits your household and the risks of your location.

Our Kits are to assist you in evacuating/relocating or increase your chance of survival and endurance if sheltering in place - NOT FOR FIGHTING FIRES.

Value for Money & Range! Unbeatable!

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Bushfire Readiness Kits - Contents

Comparison Table for Each Kit

There are so many fantastic products and pieces of safety equipment in each of our Bushfire Readiness Kits, it can be hard to decide which one to order. 

Above is a handy table, so you can quickly compare each of our six main Fire Kits, to easily see which items and how many, are in each kit. There are 4 additional Kits available, as each Basic and Standard Kit can be bought with a wool blanket included, at a reduced price than buying it as an ‘add-on’.

Now  all you have to do is decide which one of our great Bushfire Readiness Kits is right for your home, travel or business, then just place your order and your'e ready to go......

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