Why Buy our Bushfire Kits?

More than 1.1 million Australians live in Bushfire Prone Areas

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Bushfire Readiness Kits (BRK) was created to provide; quality, affordable, comprehensive preparedness bushfire kits, in a range of sizes and for a range of budgets, to ensure there is one to suit everyone. The contents of your Kit will  increase your chance of survival during a bushfire event during relocation or evacuation, or at worse, if you need to remain and seek shelter. These kits are not designed to fight bushfires, they are to assist you in reaching a place of safety. 

Largest Range of Bushfire Ready Kits on the market.

The Kits are designed to save you time, money, confusion and hassle, no need to go to a dozen different stores, paying retail prices to purchase the safety equipment items separately, still not sure you’ve bought the correct type of each item. Instead we offer the convenience of all the items  in one place,  packed in a durable back pack or duffle bag  and at great value for money. 

Best Value Bushfire Readiness Kits!

But I've already got most of the stuff......

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Do you ever think;

'I don’t need to buy bushfire kits, I have most of the items I need around the house/garage/shed..... somewhere....I think?

How long would it take you to gather all those items at 3am, in the dark (a blackout) and with smoke in the air?

How many items are you likely to forget or not be able to find, if they're not all packed together in a handy Bushfire Readiness Kit? All Kits also includes a laminated checklist, to remind you of all the other items you need to grab? 

Best Value, Biggest Range from 3c a day!

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We are constantly searching for products that are of better value, improved quality, more advances technology, as well as locally made, to ensure you always have the best Kits and products possible. 

Let Bushfire Readiness Kits take the stress out of what can be a timely and costly process of putting together your own kit, or purchasing one with only half the items you need at double the cost of our Kits. 

We want to help get your household ready for the upcoming fire season today.

Bushfire Readiness Kit Contents Vs Other Kits on the Market

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Biggest range of  kits - content and size, best value for money and most closely aligned with Rural and Emergency Fire Services advice on what should be in your  Bushfire Ready Kit.